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no two pieces are alike

Racehorse Designs is comprised of one-of-a-kind pieces of art with the love and appreciation of equine athletes at the core. We are based in Lexington, Kentucky, the Horse Capitol of the World.


Please enjoy the website and contact us with any questions.

Featuring our most popular product

hand-made ornaments

Racehorse Designs is proud to showcase our unique line of ornaments and desktop displays featuring our signature epoxy resin finish. Made 100% in Lexington, KY - The Horse Capital of the World - each wooden horse is precision cut, hand-painted and multi-poured in epoxy resin. The result? A beautiful glass finish. Artist Sarah Padilla DVM hand paints every horse thus every piece is one-of-a-kind art. Use as an ornament on your tree or a stunning desktop display.


Each piece is arranged in its very own attractive gift box. 

Don't see the horse you are looking for? Contact us as we also do commission pieces.  Please note: Depending on current orders, commissioned pieces may take up to 14 days before they are ready for shipment.

Check back often. New creations will be added.


about racehorse designs.


Growing up on a Standardbred breeding farm in Michigan, my love for horses started at a very early age. I am now a practicing equine veterinarian based in Lexington, Kentucky and have always carried with me that same love and appreciation for horses that I felt when I was a young girl.

I am inspired by the history of thoroughbred racing and it is my love and admiration for these noble athletes that you will see in my work. I also enjoy combining both the realistic and abstract forms in the pieces I create. Each piece is hand painted with acrylics and is one-of-a-kind.

As for my artistic medium, I work with predominantly Kentucky-sourced wood to create my pieces. I particularly enjoy working with beautiful and unique Sycamore hardwood but also use many other woods including American Oak, Birch, Poplar, Cedar, Maple and Hackberry. I finish most of my pieces with epoxy resin to give a shine and depth to each piece of artwork.

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Feel free to contact us for additional information concerning any piece on this site.
We can also create a custom piece based upon a racehorse of your choosing.
Please email or use the contact form below for details.

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