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Barbaro was quite possibly the most courageous and beloved thoroughbred since the turn of the century. He was the perfect equine who possesed a beautiful stride and brilliance on both grass and dirt. His dazzling performance in the Kentucky Derby was one for the ages.


In a tribute to his magnificence, Barbaro is created in a whimsical harmony, arranged in layers of hand-painted birchwood components subsequently creating a three-dimesional presentation work. I strove to illustrate him in a light hearted, abstract expressionist tone compromised with vibrant acrylic paint splatter. The glass-like epoxy resin accentuates his allure and his legend.


Treat yourself with other thoroughbred legends from our Classic Collection and create your own thrilling race (this listing is for the Barbaro only).


We utilize a cleat hanging system and a mounting kit will be provided with your purchase. 


Measurements: Approximately 24" by 11"

Barbaro Classic Series

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